How many keys can these key organizers hold?

All of our key organizers can hold 2 - 5 keys just as you see them. If the extension post is added ($4.99), which simply screws into the existing key organizer it then can hold up to 10 keys. Just for reference, without the extension post I have 2 keys, the multi-tool, and the USB key on my key organizer.

How many different variations of key organizers does Accesskey offer?

We currently carry 11 different styles of key organizers. 3 different colors and stitching in crazy horse leather, 3 different colors and stitching in genuine leather, 3 different colors and stitching in woven fabric, and 2 different types of carbon fiber (regular carbon weave and forged carbon).

What is the difference between "genuine leather" and "crazy horse leather"?

Genuine leather is a top grain leather that is soft to the touch and coated with a protective finish in order prolong its beauty. The finish brings out the leathers natural color and gives it a shine. Crazy horse leather is made by applying a thick layer of a special type of wax to a full grain cowhide surface that has been smoothed and polished. It is known for its small changes in tones and its unique look which  changes over time. The crazy horse leather alters its appearance and gains character as it wears and ages. 

How do I return a wallet if I am not happy with it?

If you simply do not like the key organizer you received and it is within 45 days of purchase you can exchange or return it for free. Accesskey will provide a return shipping label and if the key organizer is unused and in its original packaging and condition then a refund or exchange can be made. Feel free to contact us from the support page if you have any questions or concerns.


What is covered under the two year warranty?

Accesskey warrants that the purchased product is free from manufacturing defects and will properly function as intended for the life if the product. The two year warranty includes replacement parts such as the locking mechanism and the premium key organizer materials. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the materials, scratches, damage caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock and improper use or storage of the product. Any unauthorized modifications or repairs may void the warranty. Accesskey determines if the product is within the coverage of the warranty upon receiving the key organizer in question.