Our Story

Welcome to Accesskey and thank you for supporting the brand.

Accesskey began as a small idea between two friends. One of us carried a big cumbersome key chain with 10 keys, a lanyard, key fobs and many more unnecessary items. The other didn't even have a key chain and just carried loose keys around in their wallet which always got confused and misplaced. We decided there has to be a better way.

We disliked everything that was currently on the market because we were looking for something that was both stylish and functional. Accesskey was the product of these ideas. A key organizer that could hold as many keys as needed but still be slim.

Practicality was also of the utmost importance and that is where the accessories came in. We wanted to incorporate things like bottle openers, box cutters, and USB keys into the key organizer because these were things that would always be handy to have around.

Accesskey grew into a company that makes everyday life just a little bit more easy for people. Streamlining your everyday carry, keeping you organized, and protecting your belongings from scratches. Its the little things that really make a difference. A key organizer you could be proud of.

Decluttering your key chain and keeping you a tiny bit more organized.

Accesskey Co.